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Get all the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our solar & backup power solutions.

Application FAQ's

Absolutely. An Ultra-Power account manager will be assigned to you immediately upon signing up on our website. They will guide you through the entire process from the approval of your account to the unique requirements of your home or business.

Once we have contacted you and discussed your initial requirements, our credit team will make a decision based on your credit score and profile. The process usually takes around 3 to 5 business days to resolve the outcome of an application.

For each individual application, we will require:

  1. A copy of your ID
  2. Completed Credit Form
  3. Proof of residence in your name: A utility bill not older than 3 months.
  4. Three months’ bank statement.
  5. Three months’ payslips.

For a business application, the requirements will vary. Your personal account manager will advise you on what the credit team will require from you.

No applications under debt review, administration or sequestration will be considered.

Our credit providers process applications off a scoring system, if your credit score is below a certain threshold, then your application will most likely be declined.

If you believe that for some reason there has been a mistake or if you think there is additional information that we may require, then please pass this information/documentation to your personal account manager.

Yes. You may apply jointly or you may apply with your partner/spouse’s credit profile. All documentation will then also be required from your partner/spouse.

Unfortunately, our credit providers are only accepting applications from persons between the ages of 25 and 62 at the moment.

Installation FAQ's

Ultra-Power are probably the only true turnkey solutions provider in South Africa. We have our own teams that will handle the installation. This results in a better installation experience with a team that is specifically trained to use our products and installation techniques.

Installation time is dependant on the size of the project and the layout of your business or home, but you can generally expect a maximum of 2 to 3 days.

Our installations team will advise you on the planned process for your unique requirements. We always do our utmost to ensure there are as few disruptions to your home or business as possible.

Solar FAQ's

The three main components are:

  • An Inverter
  • A Lithium Battery (or Batteries) and
  • Solar panels

There will be additional smaller components such as switches, trunking and cabling and certain custom accessories that may be required depending on your premises and layout.

When it comes to how much you can save with solar, this will vary between households. Below are the factors which can impact your savings.

  • System production – The more kWh of energy your solar PV system produces, the more you are likely to save.  However, system production is not just determined by the system’s size. It also comes down to other factors such as the location of the installation, site conditions (e.g. pitch, orientation, direction), and the quality of the components used in the solar installation etc. 
  • Energy prices – As energy prices increase, the worth of your kWh production will only grow. Your buyback (sell) rate is also a factor in this equation, as the more you can get for excess solar production, the greater your savings will be and overall return from solar.
  • Self-consumption – When you produce solar power, you can either use it yourself first or sell this excess energy back to your energy retailer or the grid. The savings generated from self-consumption are usually greater than selling back to the grid, which is why many homeowners try to maximize their savings by using this method. 

Yes. Ultra-Power and Mobiplug products are of renowned quality and we offer a warranty on all our products. For more information about our products and their respective warranties, view the products section here.

In the rare event that something goes wrong or does not operate correctly then you will need to notify the Ultra-Power support team as soon as possible. If the defect is covered by a warranty, we will replace the defective component under the warranty and install a replacement unit for you.

If the issue was caused by a fault or negligence by you then you will likely be liable to pay for the damage caused to the product.

Not at the moment. This will only be possible once the small-scale embedded generation (SSEG) requirements and the required feed-in regulations are standardised across South African municipalities.

Absolutely. Ultra-Power follows strict regulations with regard to both product and installation. We issue you with an electrical COC (Certificate of Compliance) after your installation is completed.

Yes. Your consumption and how many batteries you have determines how long you can go without power. Ultra-Power will measure your peak consumption and provide you with a solution specifically made to combat load shedding.

As a rule, you can use all your essential appliances during load-shedding – including lights, plugs, TV/internet, and alarm systems.

We don’t advise our customers to go off-grid for a number of reasons. First of all, many people underestimate how difficult it will be to cover their household’s full power and energy needs 24/7. Consider this: your battery is only capable of generating 6kW and your air-conditioning needs 7kW to start up. Everything in your house is going to shut off. Your AC might normally consume only 3-4 kW when it’s running, but like most devices, it has a high initial draw of power that can be more than what your battery has available.

In addition to this, there are other drawbacks to not having a grid-connected solar PV system. You can’t sell any surplus energy your system produces back to the grid, you have no backup if something in your solar and/or battery system malfunctions, the design process is much more rigorous, as off-grid components are extremely expensive and you’re going to require upgrades if you want to install a device that consumes a lot of energy. Alternatively, if you take away a device with high consumption, you may have a bigger system than you now need. So, with all this in mind, we don’t recommend off-grid systems unless the grid isn’t a viable option for your situation.

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Rent To Own FAQ's

Yes, you can cancel the agreement at any time by giving 20 days notice. This is inline with the terms of the Consumer Protection Act.

In the event that you decide to cancel before the end of your agreed rent-to-own term, then you shall be liable to pay:

  • 90 days interest will be charged
  • Upon time of settlement, it will be calculated according to the net present value at that point in time + 1 month rental
Yes. Please contact your personal account manager if you’d like to settle early. This option will only be available if you are not in breach of your contract.

Yes, you can! You can purchase your system outright or through your own personal financing.

You are, and you will be required to insure the solution for the duration of your rent-to-own agreement. The cheapest and most common way to insure your power solution is to add it to your existing building insurance.

Yes. If the Prime or VAT rate increases then your rental fee will go up. This also means that if the Prime or VAT rate goes down the rental fee will go down too.

Yes, you can add-on or upgrade at any time. Simply contact personal account manager if you’d like to add-on or upgrade your system.

This depends on your chosen contract terms.

  1. If you are signing a rental contract then be aware that you are not signing a finance contract. Ownership does not transfer to you at any stage during or after the contract automatically.
  2. If you are signing a rent-to-own contract then yes. At the end of your terms, you will be able to take ownership of your solution.

Payment & Referral FAQ's

Your account will be debited by the credit provider who approves your contract. This could be your own credit provider or the credit providers used by Ultra-Power.

Please immediately contact the accounts department on or 086 136 5974

If you know that there will be an issue with the collection of the rental or fee collection, then it’s best to let us know in advance.

Please note that penalty interest is charged on accounts in arrears and you will be charged an unpaid debit order fee if the debit order bounces.

Get R1000 back for each successful referral you provide to Ultra-Power.

  • The referral program is available to all active Ultra-Power customers.
  • The referral has to specify the referee’s full name and surname to their account manager before a contract is signed.
  • Referral commission is payable once the referral installation is complete and commissioned.
  • Ultra-Power has the discretion to modify or remove this referral program at any given time.

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